NULL Freedom Fight Inspires Others

As the conflict in DR Crucis and the surrounding systems  draws towards the end of it’s second week. The valiant, and surprisingly successful efforts of the small faction against the might of the Federation is inspiring other factions to take up arms in defence of their ideals.

Our group’s focus is to slow the gradual “Federationization” of independent space in order to protect the ideals of free trade and commerce.

IPHY – Hyel Yeh

IPHY have a history of protesting against Federation policy. Pundits speculate that this may be the start of more direct action against Hudson.

The group cites NULL’s fight as having fuelled their desire for self-determination. NULL have apparently reached out to provide support to IPHY, a generous and bold-spirited offer considering they are on a war footing.

Perhaps other worlds or groups are on the verge of rising up? Freedom is infectious, let’s hope the Federation do not make moves against these fledgeling pioneers.




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