Dig for Victory!

In the distant past, on old Earth, one nation’s people were asked to “Dig for Victory”. Every household was expected to put their land, however small to good use to help feed the people during the darkest days of war. At the start of the very same conflict, hundreds of people piloted small seafaring ships across the sea to rescue thousands of troops as fascist armies advanced. NULL’s latest community venture includes something of both historical moments.

“More than a thousand years ago, many ships, large and small set forth on a common mission to save their soldiers. Ordinary civilians braved danger and saved thousands of lives. Throughout the same war, everyone was encouraged to ‘do their bit’ to feed everyone by planting food crops wherever they could or by volunteering as farm workers.

LTT 4961 now needs that same wartime spirit, the same kind golden effort of our ‘little ships’. Not to grow potatoes in your cargo hold, but to dig, to mine raw materials and precious metals to support our economy and security in the face of the warring powers that loom over us.

All NULL friendly commanders are invited to sell mined metals at Conway City to ‘do their bit'”

Today, amid the turbulence and uncertainty of conflict the people of LTT 4961 have unimaginable advances over those first “Diggers” but we face an up-hill struggle if we are to support ourselves.  This new mining drive is expected to boost investment at Conway, as well as providing resources for ship repair and construction. The increased cash-flow will help bolster the stations food production and allow it to have more clout in arranging better deals when importing things we can’t grow or build here.


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