HR 5113 Welcomes NULL

The citizens of the nearby HR 5113 have founded a new branch of NULL to support local trade, investment and security.

Newly appointed coordinator for the system; Suzanah Thundrax, greeted an influx of new supporters and curious locals outside the new offices at Kibalchich Vision. She had these inspirational words for the crowds.

This system has a vast wealth of untapped talent and natural resources. For too long has it been out of the reach of ordinary people. We’re open for business here to get trade moving and to stamp out the piracy sponsored by the other factions here.

The new NULL office in HR 5113 is offering various trade and delivery missions locally.  For some it is the first taste of honest business on the system.

I’ve spent years running dodgy goods for the government here just to feed my family. At last now I’ve got clean cargo and a good rep – Trader L Buxley

The LTT 4961 Centre for Economic study predicts that the new NULL office in HR 5113 will grow considerably over the next few months. Perhaps even to the point of challenging the current leadership.


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