Security at Last

..the long struggle is over for us.

Just a short while ago it has been confirmed by the collective NULL leadership that LTT 4961 is now officially under direct protection as a result of the new Alliance presence at Aranbarahun.

“The Alliance of Independent Systems has officially extended it’s sphere of protection and support outward from Aranbarahun. This now places LTT 4961 under the legal, military and corporate protection of the Alliance.”

– NULL Spokesman

With this new political move comes not only an effective deterrent against Federation incursions but also a significant number of tangible trade benefits to those bringing their business to Conway City.


Emboldened by this news LTT 4961 has already seen an up-swing in trade ships arriving at the system’s primary station (Conway City).  Our in-house analysis team suggets this development not only brings much-needed stability to the region, but that it will also greatly help NULL’s efforts to expand and grow it’s operations and influence in the area.

“They (NULL) will no longer have to field task-forces to meet incoming federal expansion attempts. That alone will free up their ships for other uses”

– Prof J Greenaway, Conway Political Science School

NULL are already escorting alliance trade ships into Conway


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