NULL Announce “Get Help” Initiative

The LTT 4961 government office yesterday announced a new step-by-step guide and open calling directed at all lawful space travellers.

Their new “Get Help” initiative aims to guide and sponsor commanders who aim to make LTT 4961 a destination for trade, civil defence or exploration.

Aimed at operators of low end ships or those simply just starting out the move has been welcomed by many.

“NULL have shown the way forward. This really breathes life into trade here”

Josh Coven, LTT 4961 Trade Association

In recent months we’ve seen a high number of visiting craft to Conway City in LTT 4961. The surrounding systems have also seen a modest increase, particularly those systems selling commodities such as Thorium. The growth trend however has tailed off. Most craft visiting the systems around LTT are regular visitors. This new scheme should bring some new blood to the region, a concern echoed by Ms Stroper-Hartfounder from Conway City.

“Shipyards can only make so much money from the same visitors, we need new pilots here”

Jaquie Stroper-Hartfounder, Conway City Outfitting and Ship Sales

With luck this new strategy will much welcomed trade and new faces to our home system.

Fran Blackendale, Conway Herald


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