The Race is On

The atmosphere at the first “NULL ANXIETAS” canyon race event was spectacular.  Pilots from all corners of known space descended upon Farseer Inc in the Deciat system, each intent on proving they have what it takes to out-fly each other. The theme of the event was “How low can you go”, and indeed vast amounts of debris now mark the places where this question was answered.


The NULL Anxietas course is a gruelling low level run around the home of popular engineer Felicity Farseer. Pilots run the course in Core Dynamics Eagle fighters, the only restrictions being that the ship must have no engineered modifications. Any component you can purchase at an outfitting centre anywhere is permitted.  Pilots came from hundreds of light years around to compete, each bringing their own new eagle. The starting line saw an impressive variety of ship mods and paint jobs.


“These low level runs are treacherous, more than one person will go home in a med bag”


This reporter took part in the event, sponsored to raise awareness for those suffering from Trump Megalomaniac syndrome (an illness characterised by abnormally large hands and a desire to destroy worlds using stupidity). As you can see I survived but only just!

Points were awarded to pilots the lower they flew, and deducted for being to high above the canyon floor.  Pilots each submitted flight recordings for the time-trials runs (results to be announced).


Many pilots had turned up not only torace but to take part in a lethal no-holds-barred “murder race”. One where combat and dirty tactics would be just as important as speed and piloting skill.

“You can’t argue, these kids really threw these old ships around. The eagle can take much more punishment than most folks realise. There were dozens of them all beaten up but still flying!”

Judith Morgan – Resident of Farseer Base, Deciat 6A

This controversial event was witnessed by many on the ground and we have some exclusive cockpit footage below. The damage, lethallity and excitement clear from the voice comms chatter throughout the race.


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