Rock Solid Support

Over the last few days LTT 4961 has seen a staggering 40,000 arrivals. Ships supporting the construction of the new “Greg’s Legacy” station and others providing security for trade ships in and around the system.

“We’ve seen a huge outpouring of support, we are truly moved by those who would donate their time to this”

Administrator Keeghan – NULL trade office

The new mining base under construction in honour of the late CMDR Gr3g will provide employment for thousands of mine workers, technicians and traders, as well as increasing the security of extraction operations.

Many have chosen to lend support to the operation. But as with all gatherings of trade ships, some more unsavoury characters have been seen in system.


According to HITS, a record number of ships have been reported missing.

Media outlets across the core have covered this effort. Pilots from all walks of life, upon hearing some of the history behind the late commander have brought not just tea or semiconductors but stories of their own early days.

“As a youngster, in my Cobra I would run trade blockades to bring food to starving civilians.  I never thought I’d experience this again, I was too old for days in hyperspace or weeks in system, but this event, these stories and the new frameshift tech brought to us recently have brought it all back, and more!”

anon CMDR

Do you have a memory to share? Leave a comment.


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